InfoRSS is already translated in
  1. English (en-US)
  2. Swedish (sv-SE), thanks to Martin Bagge
  3. German (de-DE), thanks to Thomas
  4. French (fr-FR)
  5. Italian (it-IT), thanks to Fabio Giovagnoli and Luca Manganelli
  6. Albanian (sq-AL), thanks to Florian Mishaxhi
  7. Brazilian/portuguese (pt-BR) thanks to Rafael Lisboa
  8. Dutch (nl-NL) thanks to Mijndert Storm
  9. Spanish (es-ES) thanks to Andres Rusconi
  10. Japanese (ja-JP) thanks to Norah Marinkovic
  11. Bulgarian (bg-BG) thanks to Momchil Valkov
  12. Danish (da-DK) thanks to Henrik Dons Christensen
  13. Traditional Chinese (zh-TW) thanks to Joe Chiang
  14. Simplified Chinese (zh-CN) thanks to Joe Chiang
  15. Czech Republic (cs-CZ) thanks to Gillbert
  16. Polish (pl-PL) thanks to Rafal Szafran
  17. Russian (ru-RU) thanks to Igor N. Avtaev
  18. Slovenian (si-SL) thanks to Danijel Rivec
  19. Finnish (fi-FI) thanks to Osku Kannusmaki
  20. Hungarian (hu-HU) thanks to Laszlo SOLOVA
  21. Serbian (sr-YU) thanks to Nenad V. Nikolic
  22. Slovak (sk-SK) thanks to Wladow
  23. Korea (ko-KR) thanks to Lee, Joon
  24. Turkish (tr-TR) thanks to Ilker Atamer
  25. Greek (el-GR) thanks to Sonickydon
  26. Ukrainian (uk-UA) thanks to Golyj
  27. Romania (ro-RO) thanks to pcfan
  28. Basque (eu-ES) thanks to Andoni Sagarna
  29. Israel (he-IL) thanks to Uri Hartmann

Based on download stats, I need the following translation:
  1. Estonia

To have this extension translated in your language, it's very easy: just translate the following two files and send them to me using the bug form. And don't forget to add your foreign code (ie. it_IT, de_DE, ...).
Thank you for your help.

file inforss.dtd (translate only the end of each line, what is between the quote)
The file should be encoded in "UTF-8, no BOM"
<!ENTITY inforss.prefdialogtitle "InfoRSS Preferences">
<!ENTITY inforss.prefdialoglocdesc1 "Change the informations on the RSS feed or">
<!ENTITY inforss.prefdialoglocdesc2 "change the number of titles you want to see in the status bar (1 up to 5) or">
<!ENTITY inforss.prefdialoglocdesc3 "change the number of character of the title of the new you want to see (5 up to 30).">
<!ENTITY inforss.nbitem "# of titles">
<!ENTITY inforss.lengthitem "# of char/title">
<!ENTITY icon.tooltip "Drag RSS url on me to add them to the list">
<!ENTITY resize.tooltip "Move me to resize the headlines area in scrolling mode">
<!ENTITY "Drag menu item on me to delete it">
<!ENTITY optionWindow.title "Option for InfoRSS">
<!ENTITY inforss.label "InfoRSS">
<!ENTITY "Didier Ernotte">
<!ENTITY inforss.version "1.0.2">
<!ENTITY selectFolder.label "Select RSS feed">
<!ENTITY settings.general.caption "Information">
<!ENTITY inforss.title "Title">
<!ENTITY inforss.url "Url">
<!ENTITY "Link">
<!ENTITY inforss.description "Description">
<!ENTITY "min=1, max=20">
<!ENTITY "min=5, max=45">
<!ENTITY "min=0 min, max=120 min">
<!ENTITY "min=1 min, max=120 min">
<!ENTITY "Label that will appear in the rssinfo menu">
<!ENTITY "Url of the RSS feed">
<!ENTITY "Url of the main web site">
<!ENTITY "Description of the RSS feed.">
<!ENTITY inforss.default.value "Default values">
<!ENTITY inforss.default.color "Background Color">
<!ENTITY inforss.color "Color">
<!ENTITY "Red">
<!ENTITY "Green">
<!ENTITY "Blue">
<!ENTITY inforss.sample.url "RSS title">
<!ENTITY inforss.highligth.delay "Highlight Deplay">
<!ENTITY inforss.minute "Minutes">
<!ENTITY inforss.refresh "Refresh Time">
<!ENTITY inforss.add "Add">
<!ENTITY inforss.activity "InfoRSS activity">
<!ENTITY inforss.on "On">
<!ENTITY "Off">
<!ENTITY inforss.bottom "Bottom">
<!ENTITY "Top">
<!ENTITY inforss.scrollingNews "Scrolling news">
<!ENTITY inforss.readMultipleRSS "Read multiple RSS">
<!ENTITY inforss.separateBar "Display titles in a separate bar">
<!ENTITY inforss.location "Location">
<!ENTITY inforss.submenu "Display all titles in submenu">
<!ENTITY inforss.default.groupvalue "Default values for grouped RSS">
<!ENTITY "General">
<!ENTITY "RSS/Group">
<!ENTITY "Default">
<!ENTITY "Miscellaneous">
<!ENTITY "Filter">
<!ENTITY "Headlines area">
<!ENTITY "Headlines style ">
<!ENTITY "Main menu">
<!ENTITY "Debug">
<!ENTITY "Synchronization">
<!ENTITY "Report">
<!ENTITY "Credits">
<!ENTITY "Basic">
<!ENTITY "Advance">
<!ENTITY "Playlist">
<!ENTITY "Settings">
<!ENTITY inforss.fresh.bold "Bold">
<!ENTITY inforss.fresh.italic "Italic">
<!ENTITY "Recent news style">
<!ENTITY "Style">
<!ENTITY inforss.fresh.color "Foreground color">
<!ENTITY "Automatic">
<!ENTITY inforss.fresh.font "Font">
<!ENTITY inforss.add.message "This new RSS feed has been added :">
<!ENTITY inforss.add.title "Title">
<!ENTITY inforss.add.url "Url">
<!ENTITY "Link">
<!ENTITY inforss.add.description "Description">
<!ENTITY inforss.add.icon "Icon">
<!ENTITY inforss.add.dialogTitle "New RSS Feed">
<!ENTITY inforss.add.current "The current feed is: ">
<!ENTITY inforss.add.setDefault "Would you like to set this new RSS feed as the current feed ?">
<!ENTITY inforss.groupedRSS "Grouped RSS">
<!ENTITY inforss.alertTitle "Alert">
<!ENTITY inforss.preview "Preview">
<!ENTITY inforss.debug "Debug">
<!ENTITY inforss.debug.popup "Display popup on screen">
<!ENTITY inforss.debug.log "Log error in console">
<!ENTITY "Automatic report to author">
<!ENTITY inforss.debug.status "Message in the status bar">
<!ENTITY inforss.repository "Repository">
<!ENTITY inforss.repo.reset "Reset repository">
<!ENTITY inforss.repo.button "Reset">
<!ENTITY inforss.repo.livemark "Export repository in bookmark">
<!ENTITY inforss.repo.export "Export">
<!ENTITY inforss.repo.browser "Display repository in browser">
<!ENTITY inforss.repo.display "Display">
<!ENTITY inforss.repo.importopml "Import OPML file">
<!ENTITY inforss.repo.exportopml "Export OPML file">
<!ENTITY inforss.repo.import.file "From file">
<!ENTITY inforss.repo.import.url "From url">
<!ENTITY inforss.repo.import.append "Append mode">
<!ENTITY inforss.repo.import.replace "Replace mode">
<!ENTITY inforss.repo.import "Import">
<!ENTITY inforss.repo.remote "Remote repository">
<!ENTITY inforss.repo.ftpserver "FTP server address">
<!ENTITY inforss.repo.login "Login">
<!ENTITY inforss.repo.password "Password">
<!ENTITY inforss.repo.repodirectory "Directory">
<!ENTITY inforss.repo.synchronize.manual "Manual synchronization">
<!ENTITY "Auto synchronization">
<!ENTITY inforss.repo.synchronize.exporttoremote "Export to remote">
<!ENTITY inforss.repo.synchronize.importfromremote "Import from remote">
<!ENTITY "Menu">
<!ENTITY inforss.include.currentfeed "Include feeds of current page">
<!ENTITY inforss.include.livemark "Include feeds from bookmarks">
<!ENTITY inforss.include.clipboard "Include clipboard content">
<!ENTITY "Include feed associated to a group">
<!ENTITY inforss.scrollingspeed "Scrolling speed">
<!ENTITY inforss.favicon "Display icon with headline">
<!ENTITY inforss.display.enclosure "Display enclosure icon with headline">
<!ENTITY inforss.display.banned "Display banned icon with headline">
<!ENTITY "Auto.">
<!ENTITY "Manual">
<!ENTITY inforss.color.sameas "Same as recent headline">
<!ENTITY inforss.hide.viewed "Hide viewed headlines">
<!ENTITY inforss.hide.old "Hide old headlines">
<!ENTITY inforss.hide.history "Use local history to hide read headlines">
<!ENTITY inforss.filter.headlines "Filter headlines with categories">
<!ENTITY inforss.filter.include "Include">
<!ENTITY inforss.filter.exclude "Exclude">
<!ENTITY inforss.filter.category "Category">
<!ENTITY inforss.tooltip "Tooltip on headlines">
<!ENTITY inforss.tooltip.title "Full headline">
<!ENTITY inforss.tooltip.description "Begin of article">
<!ENTITY inforss.tooltip.article "Full article">
<!ENTITY inforss.tooltip.allInfo "All Info">
<!ENTITY "Display full article">
<!ENTITY "In a new tab with default behavior">
<!ENTITY "In a new background tab">
<!ENTITY "In a new foreground tab">
<!ENTITY "In a new window">
<!ENTITY "In current tab">
<!ENTITY inforss.previous "Previous">
<!ENTITY "Next">
<!ENTITY inforss.sortedMenu "Sorted titles">
<!ENTITY "No">
<!ENTITY inforss.sortedMenu.asc "Asc.">
<!ENTITY inforss.sortedMenu.des "Des.">
<!ENTITY "New group">
<!ENTITY "New feed">
<!ENTITY "Rss">
<!ENTITY "Html">
<!ENTITY "Nntp">
<!ENTITY "New Headline">
<!ENTITY inforss.remove "Remove">
<!ENTITY "Check all">
<!ENTITY "Uncheck all">
<!ENTITY inforss.filter.headline "Headline">
<!ENTITY inforss.filter.article "Body">
<!ENTITY inforss.filter.publisheddate "Published date">
<!ENTITY inforss.filter.receiveddate "Received date">
<!ENTITY inforss.filter.readdate "Read date">
<!ENTITY inforss.filter.more "More than">
<!ENTITY inforss.filter.less "Less than">
<!ENTITY inforss.filter.equals "Equals">
<!ENTITY inforss.filter.second "Seconds">
<!ENTITY inforss.filter.minute "Minutes">
<!ENTITY inforss.filter.hour "Hours">
<!ENTITY "Days">
<!ENTITY inforss.filter.week "Weeks">
<!ENTITY inforss.filter.month "Months">
<!ENTITY inforss.filter.year "Years">
<!ENTITY inforss.filter.match "Match">
<!ENTITY inforss.filter.any "Any">
<!ENTITY inforss.filter.all "All">
<!ENTITY inforss.filter.following "of the following active conditions:">
<!ENTITY inforss.filter.policy "Filter policy">
<!ENTITY "Use only active filters from this group">
<!ENTITY inforss.filter.policy.feed "Use only active filters from associated feeds">
<!ENTITY inforss.filter.policy.both "Use all active filters from both">
<!ENTITY inforss.filter.headlinenbr "Headline #">
<!ENTITY inforss.headline.setting "HTML Parser">
<!ENTITY inforss.html.gethtml "Get Html">
<!ENTITY inforss.html.regexp "Regular Expression">
<!ENTITY inforss.html.test "Test">
<!ENTITY "Build">
<!ENTITY inforss.parser.html "HTML">
<!ENTITY inforss.parser.source "Source">
<!ENTITY inforss.parser.result "Result">
<!ENTITY inforss.parser.startafter "Start after">
<!ENTITY inforss.parser.stopbefore "Stop before">
<!ENTITY inforss.parser.detector "Encoding detector">
<!ENTITY inforss.parser.direction.label "Direction">
<!ENTITY inforss.parser.direction.asc "Asc.">
<!ENTITY inforss.parser.direction.desc "Des.">
<!ENTITY inforss.cycling "Cycling feed/group">
<!ENTITY inforss.cycling.delai "Cycling delai (minute)">
<!ENTITY "min = 1 minute, max = 30 minutes">
<!ENTITY "Next feed/group">
<!ENTITY "Next">
<!ENTITY "Random">
<!ENTITY inforss.cycling.withingroup "Cycling within group">
<!ENTITY inforss.purge.history "Purge local history after (in days)">
<!ENTITY "Purge now">
<!ENTITY inforss.font.size "Font size">
<!ENTITY inforss.scrolling.scrolling "Scrolling">
<!ENTITY inforss.scrolling.fade "Fade in/out">
<!ENTITY inforss.scrolling.dir.rtl "Right to left">
<!ENTITY inforss.scrolling.dir.ltr "Left to right">
<!ENTITY inforss.scrolling.dir "Direction">
<!ENTITY inforss.stopscrolling "Stop scrolling when mouse is over headline">
<!ENTITY inforss.direction "Direction">
<!ENTITY "Mark all headlines of this feed/group as read">
<!ENTITY "View all headlines of this feed/group">
<!ENTITY "URL of the associated icon">
<!ENTITY "Go to the next feed">
<!ENTITY "Go to the previous feed">
<!ENTITY "Scrolling mode">
<!ENTITY "Random mode">
<!ENTITY "Pause scrolling">
<!ENTITY "Scrolling direction">
<!ENTITY "Manual refresh">
<!ENTITY "Manual synchronization">
<!ENTITY "Go home">
<!ENTITY "Quick Headline Filter">
<!ENTITY inforss.icon.resetdefault "Reset to default">
<!ENTITY inforss.nolimit "Unconstrained">
<!ENTITY "Constrained">
<!ENTITY inforss.default.groupicon "Icon for group">
<!ENTITY inforss.refresh.daily "Daily">
<!ENTITY inforss.refresh.hourly "Hourly">
<!ENTITY inforss.refresh.other "Other">
<!ENTITY inforss.toolbar.icon "Icon">
<!ENTITY "Icon in the headline bar">
<!ENTITY inforss.contextmenu.addfeed "add URL to the InfoRSS feed list">
<!ENTITY inforss.change.icon "Synchronize main icon with current group/feed">
<!ENTITY inforss.popup "Popup message with new headline">
<!ENTITY inforss.flashing.icon "Flashing icon">
<!ENTITY inforss.playPodcast "Play podcast">
<!ENTITY "Status">
<!ENTITY "Activity">
<!ENTITY "Last refresh">
<!ENTITY "Next refresh">
<!ENTITY "# headlines">
<!ENTITY "# unread headlines">
<!ENTITY "# new headlines">
<!ENTITY "In group ?">
<!ENTITY "Refresh now!">
<!ENTITY inforss.apply.toall "Apply selected to">
<!ENTITY inforss.apply.all "all feeds">
<!ENTITY inforss.apply.current "current feed">
<!ENTITY inforss.apply.selected "selected feed">
<!ENTITY "Save podcast on hard drive">
<!ENTITY "Browse">
<!ENTITY inforss.notifier "Notifier">
<!ENTITY inforss.history.firefox "Use application's history data">
<!ENTITY "Case sensitive">
<!ENTITY "View all">
<!ENTITY "View selected">
<!ENTITY inforss.collapse.nodata "Collapse bar if no headline">
<!ENTITY inforss.welcome "Welcome to">
<!ENTITY inforss.welcome1 "Thanks you for installing and using the InfoRSS extension">
<!ENTITY inforss.welcome2 "Here are the new features in this release:">
<!ENTITY inforss.welcome3 "Useful links:">
<!ENTITY inforss.scrolling.increment "Increment">
<!ENTITY inforss.scrolling.tooltip "Soft, normal, fast">
<!ENTITY inforss.sample "Sample">
<!ENTITY "New Title">
<!ENTITY inforss.old.title "Old Title">
<!ENTITY inforss.statusbar "Status bar">
<!ENTITY "Play sound with new headline">
<!ENTITY inforss.reset.rdf "Reset history">
<!ENTITY inforss.purge.rdf "Purge history">
<!ENTITY inforss.make.current "Make current">
<!ENTITY inforss.addToInforss "Add to Inforss">
<!ENTITY inforss.timeslice "CPU Utilization">
<!ENTITY "0 is fast, 180 is nice for other process">
<!ENTITY inforss.mouseevent "Mouse left button event value">
<!ENTITY "0">
<!ENTITY inforss.mouseevent.two "-1">
<!ENTITY inforss.mouseWheelScroll "Mouse wheel scrolling by">
<!ENTITY inforss.mouseWheelScroll.byPixel "Pixel">
<!ENTITY inforss.mouseWheelScroll.byPixels "Pixels">
<!ENTITY inforss.mouseWheelScroll.byHeadline "Headline">
<!ENTITY inforss.type "Type">
<!ENTITY inforss.user "User">
<!ENTITY "Blog Search on">
<!ENTITY "for">

<!ENTITY about.title1             "About">
<!ENTITY about.title2             "">
<!ENTITY               "infoRSS">
<!ENTITY about.abstract           "">
<!ENTITY about.version.label      "version">
<!ENTITY about.createdby.label    "Created By:">
<!ENTITY about.translatedby.label "Translated By:">
<!ENTITY about.contribution.label "Contributions and ideas By:">
<!ENTITY about.contribution.other "and all other users who have contributed in the mailing list.">
<!ENTITY about.homepage.label     "Homepage">
<!ENTITY about.faq.label          "FAQ">
<!ENTITY about.notes.label        "Notes">
<!ENTITY about.screenshots.label  "Screenshots">
<!ENTITY about.mailinglist.label  "Mailing list">
<!ENTITY about.translation.label  "New translation">
<!ENTITY about.paypal.label       "If you like this extension, please consider making a donation towards the development costs. Cheers! :)">
<!ENTITY about.donate.label       "Donate">
<!ENTITY about.homepage.label     "Home Page">
<!ENTITY         "Help">
<!ENTITY about.close.label        "Close">
<!ENTITY about.thanks             "Thanks to all supporters: ">

file (translate what is after the = sign)
icon.tooltip=Drag RSS url on me to add them to the list
inforss.duplicate=You''ve already added this url !
inforss.permissionDenied=Permission to read file was denied.
inforss.wrongVersionXmlFile=Your property file has a old version number. \nA new default property file has been generated.
inforss.pref.mandatory=Every field are mandatory !
inforss.menuadd1=Add to InfoRSS
inforss.noData=Wait 3 seconds for titles
inforss.malformedUrl=Your URL should start with http:// or file://
inforss.multimode=You are currently in the multi-rss mode. \nDo you want to switch to the single-rss mode ?
inforss.reset.repository=Are you sure you want to reset the repository ?
inforss.account=Enter your username and password for
inforss.export.livemark=The inforss repository has been exported into the bookmark.
inforss.filter.mandatory=At least one category is mandatory.
inforss.nocategory=No category found
inforss.incorrectFormat=This is not an ATOM nor a RSS feed!
inforss.groupedmode=Grouped RSS mode your export file your import file
inforss.opml.opmlfile=OPML file
inforss.opml.saved=The repository has been saved in OPML format OPML file has been imported
inforss.opml.wrongFormat=The file is not in an OPML format
inforss.add.newgroup=Add new group name of the group is mandatory a feed or a group first! you sure you want to remove this group ? of the new group ? group group already exists!
inforss.remove.last=You can't remove this filter, but you can inactivate it!
inforss.rss.selectfirst=Please, select a feed first !
inforss.rss.removeconfirm=Are you sure you want to remove this feed ?
inforss.rss.newrss=Url of the new feed ?
inforss.rss.alreadyexists=This feed already exists!
inforss.notagroup=I can't add the feed to the current group.
inforss.confirm.addtogroup=Do you want to add this feed to the current group (
inforss.html.newtitle=Title of the new feed ?
inforss.html.mandatory=The url, reg exp, headline and link are mandatory fields for html feed
inforss.html.nosource=No source found !
inforss.html.issue=There is a problem with your regular expression
inforss.html.selectfirst=Please, select some code in the source first !
inforss.html.test=Please, test your HTML feed!
inforss.feed.issue=There is a problem with this URL.
inforss.import.url=Url of the opml file ?
inforss.repo.error=There is an error when reading the repository
inforss.readall=Are you sure you want to mark all headlines of the current feed/group as read ?
inforss.viewall=Are you sure you want to view all headlines of the current feed/group ?
inforss.icongroup.mandatory=The url of the default group icon is mandatory
inforss.serverinfo.mandatory=In case of remote repository, all server informations are mandatory
inforss.remote.error=There is a problem with the specified server
inforss.remote.success=Successfull remote operation
inforss.popup.newheadline=There is a new headline for the feed : Headline
inforss.url=Url headlines unread headlines new headlines
inforss.podcast.location=Choose podcast location
inforss.podcast.mandatory=Podcast location is mandatory !
inforss.podcast.location.notfound=Podcast location not found ! current selection is a group.\nDo you want to apply to all associated feeds ? 
inforss.feed.changed=Feeds changed!
inforss.html.encoding=In manual encoding mode, the encoder is mandatory.
inforss.reset.rdf=Are you sure you want to reset the history file ? new usenet feed
inforss.add.nntp=New URL (ie. news://
inforss.nntp.alreadyexists=That usenet feed already exists !
inforss.nntp.malformedurl=This usenet URL is not a valid URL or the server is not responding !
inforss.nntp.usermandatory=Username and password are mandatory !
inforss.nntp.error=The server does not exist or is not responding !
inforss.nntp.badgroup=That group does not exist !
inforss.quick.filter=What keyword are you looking for ?
inforss.quick.filter.title=Quick Filter
inforss.feed.lastrefresh=Last refresh
inforss.feed.nextrefresh=Next refresh
inforss.delay.mandatory=All delay fields are mandatory for playlist group! fields 'title' and 'url' field are mandatory.\nFor secured site, 'user' and 'password' are also mandatory.\nFor 'blog search', a keyword is mandatory. 

extensions.{f65bf62a-5ffc-4317-9612-38907a779583}.description=Display RSS and Atom headlines in the Firefox status bar.

The inforss project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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