When you see in the headline bar a article you want to read, just click on it. A new tab (or window depending on your params) will display the full article. If the "hide viewed articles" option is set to on, the headline will disapear from the headline bar. If you click on the little white cross beside the headline, the headline will be removed from the bar without viewing it.

If your option "Display all titles in submenu" is set to on, your can browse the article list in the inforss menu, and then, click on a headline to see the full article

If there is a Podcast associated to an headline, a speacker icon will be displayed just beside the headline. If you move your move over the headline, you will hear the podcast while you read the news in a tooltip.

If you want to hear the Podcast while you browse the Web, you can click on the speacker icon and a new tab will be opened with the Podcast file as the URL. The embeded multimedia plugin (quicktime or other) will play it.

The podcast file can also be saved on the hard drive (option to activate) to be played back on an iPod or any MP3 player.

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